Product Features

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  • Reliable 2-Way Communication

    Transceiver collects data and transmits configuration settings to/from multiple input transmitters.
  • Rugged

    Our systems are designed for long lasting outdoor use. No matter if you're in the sun baked desert or continuous rain our enclosures will keep your electronics safe and dry.
  • Versatile

    Compatible with a variety of industry standard sensors. We make retro-fitting easy.
  • Reliable

    Are systems are built by hand in the United States. Using the best quality components and materials. Designed to last.
  • Simple to Install

    Our systems have been built to make installation as easy as possible while still giving you flexibility.
  • Long Range

    Our systems are able to transmit up to 3 miles line-of-sight. Giving you the distance you need for those hard to reach locations.
  • Power Source

    Our transmitters have optional self contained battery packs that allows for a years worth of continuous use without recharging. *See white sheet specs and configurations for more details*. Coupled with a solar charger, rain or shine your system will be up and running. No extra cabling or power source required.